DORSET, THE COMPLETE GUIDE Jo Draper The Dovecote Press

Jo Draper

The indispensable guide to Dorset. Jo Draper’s Dorset, The Complete Guide has been described as the ‘most important and valuable book about the county to have been published for many years’. Since first being published in 1986 it has sold over 16,000 copies, which even by national standards would win it a place on any bestseller list. For a county guide to sell in such numbers is a tribute to what one reviewer has described as ‘the accurate and concise presentation of information, much of it learned and out-of-the-way, achieved without the slightest touch of the patronising or pedantic.’

Alphabetical Gazetteer to the entire county, cross-referenced to a full colour map. 20 special interest sections, area introductions, town maps, 400 illustrations. Recently updated.
Large format paperback
ISBN 0 946159 40 8