The parish church is one of England’s greatest glories, and Dorset contains a superb assortment of some of the most celebrated – from humble country churches on the edge of farmyards to some of England’s most famous abbey and priory churches. First and foremost Dorset’s churches are places of worship but, as Brendan Lehane says in his introduction, their ‘walls remember a thousand years of colourful history and personal dramas.’ They tell the story of these islands in stone and glass and timber. They have survived plague, fire, the Reformation, Civil War, the threat of invasion, over-zealous 19th century ‘restoration’, and are today justly enjoyed and visited. Their towers and spires may make them visible reminders of our architectural heritage, but they contain much of our finest vernacular art – from box pews to stained glass, medieval effigies to homely Tudor and Georgian monuments.

176 pages, nearly 200 colour photographs
ISBN 1 904349 41 2

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