THE MANOR HOUSES OF DORSET by Una Russell & Audrey Grindrod


Dorset’s manor houses are one of its greatest glories and a high quality illustrated book on them has long been overdue. The authors have spent seven years researching and writing the text, which is illustrated with 200 specially commissioned colour photographs and nearly 100 engravings, portraits, watercolours and drawings. Once the hub of a self-sufficient rural community, their fortunes have varied. Some are still lived in by the descendants of those who built them, others have become modest farmhouses. A handful have endured partial demolition, whilst restoration by recent owners has given others a new lease of life, ushering in a golden age the equal of any in the past. Dorset’s manor houses also chart the lives of those who have lived in them. Love affairs, contested wills, now forgotten gentry happiest in the saddle, imprisonment for debt, the tragedy of war, extravagance, even murder – the rich ebb and flow of human weaknesses and strengths breathes vigorous life into The Manor Houses of Dorset.

288 pages
ISBN 978-1-904-34952-5

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