Northamptonshire’s wealth of stone is reflected in its historic buildings – its cottages, medieval churches and glorious country houses. Though geologically an extension of the Cotswolds, Northamptonshire’s Jurassic rocks have their own very different character. Few counties display such a rich variety of building stone, which include fossil-rich limestones, sandstone, and warm rust-coloured ironstone. The county is known for its Collyweston stone-slate; also for the finest pale freestone from Weldon, and the brown Harlestone and Duston Stone. Quarrying was once widespread – from Helmdon and Eyton to Oundle and King’s Cliffe – and virtually every village had a local stone pit.
Written by a distinguished geologist, it is scholarly, readable, often surprising and full of fascinating detail. As well as including a generous selection of maps, diagrams and photographs of buildings, the author has included close-ups of the various stones, some greatly magnified to show their differences.

Large format paperback
Fully illustrated in colour
ISBN 1 904349 17 X

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