DAVID BURNETT founded the Dovecote Press in 1974 to publish the first of a series of books of old photographs recording life in Dorset, A Dorset Camera 1855-1914. He is married to Sarah, a natural dyer and knitwear designer, whose Natural Dye Company enjoyed an international reputation. As well as 9 books about Dorset and Wiltshire, David is the author of two novels, The Cranborne Chase and The Priestess of Henge (now available as a digital download entitled Henge ), histories of Salisbury and Longleat and the Thynne family. In 2010 he co-founded Little Toller Books with his daughter and her husband to republish rural classics, and this, happily, is now a highly successful independent publishing company based in Toller Fratrum, West Dorset.


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