TERRY SUTTON studied graphic design at the School of Art & Design Batley. He lives at Cleckheaton, has worked in advertising, as a freelance illustrator, and as a lecturer in advertising and graphic design. Illustrations from Hard Graft, like his first book Yesterday’s Yorkshire, have been exhibited at the Bradford Industrial Museum and Piece Hall Gallery, Halifax. Like many boys in the 1950s, Terry was captivated by the sight and sound of the steam locomotive, then commonplace on Britain’s railways. His subsequent career in art and design increased his admiration for the engineers, stonemasons and carpenters whose craftsmanship tend to take third place, behind landscape and architecture, when extolling Yorkshire’s virtues. Born and bred in the ‘Industrial West Riding’, Terry’s family background is steeped in mills, mining and engineering – much of which has now disappeared.  Hard Graft is his tribute to those whose working lives have shaped our history and formed the foundations of family life.


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