SARAH WELTON has never grown out of the childhood thrill of discovering crabs and anemones in rock pools, so it was a foregone conclusion that she would make a career from the sea. In 1971, after graduating in Zoology from the University of Wales, she moved to Dorset and, as a diver, became intimately acquainted with Dorset’s marine environment. She worked for the Dorset Wildlife Trust as Marine Conservation Officer and Warden of the Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve for 14 years, gaining ‘on the coast’ experience, which she then applied to coastal conservation, nationally, working for the Marine Conservation Society. Sarah is now a consultant in marine and coastal education and contracts have taken her all over the world – from the Dorset coast to the Seychelles. She is a Trustee of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, Chairman of the Joint Dorset Marine Committee, a Poole Harbour Commissioner, and an Auxiliary Coastguard at Lulworth. Through education and interpretation, she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for Dorset’s stunning coast.


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