ISABEL & THE SEA by George Millar


‘George’s seemingly magical powers of description gives us an accurate record of how one couple, with much fortitude, resolution and joie de vivre, skilfully managed to turn the difficult post war period in Europe to their own advantage.’  Peter Bruce

The second of George Millar’s much-loved trio of sailing books to be republished by the Dovecote Press, following Oyster River in 2003.
In the summer of 1946, George and his young landlubber bride Isabel set sail in Truant, a 49 foot converted Looe lugger, crossing the Channel to a war-torn Le Havre. From there they sailed up the River Seine to Paris, before threading their way through the French canal network, down the River Rhine and into the Mediterranean at Marseilles.
In 1946 the evidence of war was commonplace. Sunken ships obstructed harbour mouths and passage planning was made hazardous by Isabel gaily throwing overboard the chart showing the position of minefields off the Italian coast.Truant’s final cruising ground was around the newly liberated Greek Islands, where George Millar’s acutely observed descriptions of Greek social life offer a respite from Truant’s increasingly temperamental engines.

416 pages, 4 pages plates, endpapers, maps
ISBN 1 904349 46 3

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