FARMHOUSES & COTTAGES by Michael Billett


No buildings in Dorset enjoy greater affection or exert a stronger hold over the popular imagination than its farmhouses and cottages. As a celebration of vernacular craftsmanship, of architecture without architects (and planners), and of the skilled use of local materials, they are without equal. Some are thatched and timber-framed, others of cob, chalk or flint. Many are built with hand-made bricks, or with the limestones for which Dorset is famous. The earliest are medieval, whilst the Prince of Wales’s urban ‘village’ of Poundbury – still some years from completion – underlines the ways in which the traditional architecture of Dorset’s farmhouses and cottages continues to shape the future character of the county.

138 x 204mm
Black and white illustrations throughout
ISBN 1 874336 78 4


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