HEATHLANDS by Lesley Haskins


Dorset’s heaths are internationally renowned as the finest example of this most fragile of habitats anywhere in Britain.They embrace an ever-changing mosaic of dry sandy ridges, bogs, pools and streams, which together support an exceptional wealth of plants and animals, many of them scarce.  Man created the heaths and used them for his own needs, and its wildlife blossomed under his rule. Such rarities as the marsh gentian, silver-studded blue butterfly, Dartford warbler and sand lizard continue to flourish. But the pressures on the county’s heathlands have been immense, and only a fraction now remains. Today, Dorset’s heathlands are regarded as its most precious asset, to be discovered, cared for, and enjoyed in all their glory.
One of five full colour ‘Discover Dorset’ guides to Dorset’s different wildlife habitats produced in partnership with – and in aid of – the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

138 x 204mm
Colour illustrations throughout
Published in partnership with Dorset Wildlife Trust
ISBN 1 904349 01 3

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