THE GREAT TREES OF DORSET by Andrew Pollard & Emma Brawn


With names like Billy Wilkins, the Posy Tree and Judge Wyndham’s Oak, Dorset’s ancient trees are amongst its most precious living treasures. At least two pre-date Christianity, a handful are a direct genetic link to the great ‘wildwood’ of our Neolithic ancestors, one is the widest oak in the country. Many will have put down roots when the first Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in Tudor times, and owe their survival to their importance as boundary markers, as meeting places, to ceremonial plantings, as ‘working’ trees providing fuel, building materials, fodder and fruits. Today Dorset’s veteran trees support a rich and often internationally rare wildlife, and are at last being recognised as living icons of national importance.  Published in partnership with the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Available in hardback and paperback
Large format, with nearly 200 colour illustrations, diagrams and maps
Hardback ISBN 978-1-904-34970-9
Paperback ISBN 978-1-904-34973-0

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