FOSSILS by Richard Edmonds


A new updated edition of one of the most successful books in the 'Discover Dorset' series, now in full colour throughout.

Few places in the British Isles are as rich in fossils as Dorset, and the county is internationally famous as the source of some of the finest and rarest fossils in the world. Thanks to its remarkable geology and the instability of much of the coast, new and often important discoveries continue to be made, often by amateur collectors. Dorset’s fossil record stretches back over 200 million years to the start of the Jurassic period, and the fossilised remains of the creatures and plants that then flourished range from the humble ammonite to huge reptiles such as ichthyosaurs and dinosaurs, from fossilised wood to fish insects and primitive mammals.

Sewn paperback
138 x 204mm, 80 pages
Illustrated in colour throughout
ISBN 978-1-874-33665-5

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