GEOLOGY by Paul Ensom


Dorset’s geology is amongst the most remarkable in the British Isles, and an up-to-date illustrated account of the 200 million years that comprise its known geological past has long been overdue. So remarkable is Dorset’s coastal geology, that virtually the entire length sits within the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Uniquely, fossilised remains of mammals are preserved in rocks of four periods, something not found in any other county. The rocks that lie under Dorset’s rich kaleidoscope of small-scale landscapes represent an extraordinary spectrum of environments – including periods when Dorset was submerged, desert, part of a river system, an arid plateau and a tropical lagoon. Subject to earth movements and once home to dinosaurs, Dorset’s geological past provides the key to understanding its present.
Reprinted four times.

138 x 204mm
Black and white illustrations throughout
ISBN 1 874336 52 0

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